Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cool Dream

Last night I dreamt I was a ballet instructor and I owned my own bakery! I only taught beginning ballet for little 3 and 4 year olds and it was my side job, my main love was the bakery and I made really famous cup cakes, they were SO cute too! I've never seen anything like them so I don't know how I could be that creative in my sleep. I'm not sure I have the refined skills to make them in real life yet but I have the concept. It was lots of fun and it was like my subconscious telling me it wasn't to late to make my dreams come true, what a cool message from myself!


Lorajean said...

yay for subconscious creativity!

mer said...

what a cool dream. draw a pic of the cup cakes before you forget so you can recreate them someday.

Adam and Nikki said...

Your dream is inspiring. I wish I could get to a REM stage so I could dream a dream :)