Monday, March 02, 2009

"Mommy's work room"

I know that this picture shows what a mess my craft room is and also the picture is taken at night which is never a good idea, but I really love having this space, and I wanted to share it with you!

It is true that I moved my daughter out of this room and in with her brothers to get this space, as my husband would tell you "I stole if from her". But I needed it!! For my sanity and overall happiness. The thought of crafting on the kitchen table where the kids can bug me and touch my stuff and knowing that I can't leave it out to work on later because we'll have to eat eventually, and I always love sit down dinners, at the kitchen table.... what was I saying oh yeah that thought alone cause me to go into depression.

Another great thing, I LOVE having the rocker in there!! I can sit and rock while I seam rip a poorly sewn blanket I did a few years ago or do hand sewing.

Princess gown made of scraps

This lovely Ariel doll was given to us with only the mermaid fin-style skirt. I always planned to sew something or buy new clothes, but when my daughter pulled her out of the closet in "mommy's work room" and her brothers started making comments about the half naked dolly it was about time to throw a dress together.

I've never made doll clothes in my life before, so I was really thrilled when the bodice turned out so nicely fitted (I had no pattern). The sleeves are a bit scary but when I asked my oldest son what he thought he said "princesses are supposed to have sleeves like that" then I realized he was right, they're big and they stick out! The skirt I made by taking my biggest mixing bowl and drawing a circle on a paper and cutting it up into "scrap size" sections. The dress is finished except for a little strip of Velcro I need to buy for the back.

No more half naked doll hiding in the closet at this house.