Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Beatrix Potter Baby Book and Card

Last month my sister after having three girls had her first BOY. To honor her and her new little one I went to work on this Beatrix Potter themed soft book.

Several years ago my mom gave me a book for home made Beatrix Potter toys and nursery decor with patterns and instructions. At the time I received it (expecting my first child) I didn't think I would ever use it I had already picked out my nursery theme and colors. It wasn't until after seeing the Miss Potter movie that I really fell in love with Beatrix Potter and all her children's books. I was so excited to give this a try and I have to say that I had SO much fun making it!

This is the card I made to go with it, if you look close you will see that there are three girls in the bed and the mama is holding the new baby boy (Mom also got me this stamp). The accent paper framing the image looks like black in this picture but actually it's a dark brown that matches the dark color in the fur.


Cam and Chelle said...

WOW! And that's about all I have to say! YOU ROCK!!

mer said...


Lorajean said...

How awesome! I thought Daryllyn made this when I saw it on her blog, but it was you, how cool!! its cute good job!

D-lyn said...

i love it C! you rock!
i especially love it because I love doing this sort of thing for others and I was so spoiled when you did this fabulous book for me and baby W!

Crystal said...

Absolutely beautiful! You are so talented and ambitious. I wouldn't even dare to try making something like that! I'm jealous of dlyn.