Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kitty Fabric

I've had the kitty themed fabric for a while now and I'm excited about making it into a quilt. I noticed the other day that I had a lot of black so I recently picked up the two cute gingham fabrics.

The only problem is that the adorable, shimmery, beautiful, turquoise gingham is polyester and and my neighbor (who quilts) said I shouldn't use it for several reasons; it'll fray like crazy, it's a loose weave, it won't shrink like the rest of the other cotton fabrics.... etc.

What do you think, what would you do?

I'm thinking that I may have to find something similar in cotton and use this lovely stuff to make a dress for my little girl.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

piecing trial run

I decided to do a test run today with my scrap fabric stash. As it turns out I'm not very good at sewing in a straight line and this is important if I want my seams to line up. I wasn't sure what my seam allowance was supposed to be, so I ended up having to cut some of my pieces to fit right. I'll have to look over my pattern more to see if I missed something. All in all I had a really fun day :)

Fairy Garden Fun!

While visiting family over Memorial weekend my Mommy took me to a beautifully elaborate fairy garden display at the Gulley Greenhouse. It was so enchanting, whoever put it together did a fabulous job. I did take pictures but for some reason blogger wont let me post them, I'll have to try again later. Anyway while I was there I purchased another fairy to go with the two my sister got me for Christmas a few years ago. And instead of buying ever adorable accessory there I remembered this issue of Family fun with directions to make "magical clay mushrooms" for a fairy garden.

Here is my fairy garden with it's new inhabitants and a magical clay mushroom, I planning to make more mushrooms to go in it.

This yellow fairy is the most resent addition.

These two I've had for a few years, unfortunately my 2 year-old got a hold of them not too long ago and I had to glue the little blond fairy's head back on and the blue fairy's finger is missing. This is their very first visit to my fairy garden. Though it's been around for a while the garden is usually sitting in a "touchable reachable" location and therefor the fairies only make supervised visits.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Never ever thought I'd would be interested in this at all!

Can you believe it I'm totally in LOVE with the idea of quilting! I never thought that I'd want to quilt. It was on my "I'll never do that" list. When I discovered that sewing was fun, I remember thinking "but I won't quilt, that's too hard and old ladies do it, it's not for me".

These past few weeks I've been looking for bedding for my three year old daughter and consequently I've looked at a lot of quilts and now suddenly I'm totally excited about learning to quilt. Craziness!

These first two I found at Cluck Cluck Sew she makes cute stuff.
Found this one (above) in a google search I saved the picture but not the blog I gleaned it from.

This last one is from pottery barn; and it looks as though a beginner, like myself, could possibly make it.