Sunday, August 02, 2009

Neat and Clean!

This week I cleaned up my craft room, it had gotten very cluttered! Perhaps you noticed from my last post? At least now I have more table space, the blue shelves were just sitting on the table before. I know it's not beautiful yet but at least it's functional and it makes me very happy! The biggest improvement I need to make now would be to paint those blue shelves some other color, but I talked it over with myself and I just wasn't up to painting it yet.

That fabric pile on the sewing table it a little project I've got up my sleeve and I can't post any more about it so this will have to be it's sneak peeks for now.
This is a picture of the book shelf where I keep my rubber stamps and paper crafting supplies and the the wall above is where I put up pictures from my kids and other happy inspiring things.

I threw this one in here for fun, this is what I used the blue shelf for in my last house, it matched the boys bed room.

And this... is a sad picture. I made these little cork boards beauties, mounted them on the wall of my craft room, snapped a picture and went on a trip. When I got back they were on the floor crumbling to pieces. oh well.


D-lyn said...

lovely space
sad about the boards though
why do you think they crumbled up?

Cam and Chelle said...

Cool huge shelf! What a lucky girl to get a craft space! someday...