Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas Crafts

I've got lots of crafts to post, I've been way behind. Lets start at the stockings shall we. I worked hard on these up until Christmas Eve. Before going to bed my 6 year-old told me I wouldn't finish sewing til dawn (where do they come up with these things?) Thankfully they were done and filled by midnight. (that's when I took the pictures)

This is the tutu I made for my little 3 year-old. Unfortunately she was there when I shopped for the tulle and instinctively knew it was for her. On top of that she sunk out of bed one night when I was working on it and put it on, when I wasn't looking! On Christmas morning it was hiding in a closet with a string atached that ran around the roon and hooked to the tree. I also made the flowers clips on the skirt and hair. She loves it! (Loving the big black trashbag in the background, it's Christmas day where do you put your wrapping paper?)

...more to come

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mer said...

carianne these turned out so cute! I want to see more of your crafts!