Friday, July 23, 2010

Sewing with my boy

While I was sewing my boy came into my sewing room and wanted to do what I was doing. He saw the quilt I was working on and decided he was going to make a quilt for his baby brother coming in the fall. I pulled my fabric stash out and identified what fabric he could use. These are the ones he picked out:
I then handed him a pad of grid paper and explained that he needed to draw his design before we could start. He then used the entire paper edge to edge to draw a large flying dino in the center of the quilt: Then I had him color it to show where he wanted to use each fabric. I then measured the fabric to see how it would work out and then redrew his design (only changing it a tiny bit to make it a little more clear) until it looked like this:

We have it almost all cut out (not the big dino yet) and he's super excited to get it done. He is so creative he even suggested we use some green ribbon for the plants. I am now trying to figure out how to let him sew most of it without being a bossy perfectionist. Wish me luck.


Lorajean said...

how AWESOME!! I just got a toy sewing machine at a yard sale for 50 cents. She LOVES that she can sew just like mommy. It doesn't sew back stitching but otherwise it works pretty well.

D-lyn said...

that will be so very special for him and he will feel so connected to the new baby and to you!

mer said...

this is so awesome!!! He did a fabulous design job. Can't wait to see it completed!